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« on: 09 / July / 2008, 09:21:42 »
Hello all,

Can someone who knows how to write scripts PLEASE write one for me. I know this is asking a lot, BUT I have read all the script articles and just can NOT figure it out. I guess I am just NOT a programmer. What I need is a HDR script for the S5IS where I can set the number of shots and with a delay in seconds between each shot. Thanks a bunch if ya can help, the Alchemist..... :(


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You dont need a script for that.  ???

CHDK firmware usage/AllBest - CHDK Wiki


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a short way to HDR with the "Bracketing in coninous mode"...
(a part from this Topic)
       * Tv bracketing value: 1Ev (better: 2 Ev)
       * Bracketing type:  +/-
in the "Extra Photo Operations" - "Bracketing in continuous mode" menu.

Then set the Canon custom timer to 1s delay, 3 shoots.
Now in the cameras Manual mode choose the custom timer mode, you'll see

TV: 1Ev               (or 2Ev)

on the CHDK OSD.

And remember: if you have the "Clear Bracket Values on Start" enabled (that's the default value), after power off the settings are gone...

this way you can easily create the images for your HDRs; if you want more shots than possible in the Canon Custom Timer Setup you should use the continuous mode, for more informations about the Bracketing see the link from Hacki...

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Thanks Guys!


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