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Build #100-11 - S3 IS Bug Report - ISO Override

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Build #100-11 - S3 IS Bug Report - ISO Override
« on: 13 / December / 2007, 21:10:19 »
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Re: Build #100-11 - S3 IS Bug Report - ISO Override
« Reply #1 on: 14 / December / 2007, 12:02:12 »
Well, I just tested the new Build 100-11, and ISO is still screwy.  :( I can't make sense of exactly what is happening, but when I use plain Override mode, I can't get ISOs any lower than 80(?) and no higher than about ISO600 or so, even though the MakerNotes EXIF shows much higher values.
Hi, Barney!
It's one of your posts :): That's because ISO1600 might be the highest that you can safely boost ISO for your camera. Just because you can make a setting higher doesn't mean the camera is going to respond to that setting. You can set a shutter speed of 15 minutes if you want, but the camera will still only perform a 65 second shutter speed as its max.
May be here explanation? Soft make a try to set some value but it's over a limit that is established by the hard. But here we can to test facilities of our hardware..

And if I use bracketing, depending on what steps I use 10, 50, 100, I get varying values. One time when I started out at ISO400, I got some ISOs well over ISO1200, but then they quit around there, and I couldn't get ISOs lower than 100 or so, even though the ISO in MakerNotes said something like ISO17. It seems to be a combo of problems between what the camera is being set at manually, what Override ISO you choose, and what multiplier you pick in ISO-Bracketing, each time it has some different outcome.

Could you try this features in AutoIso or Hi Iso modes with ISO override? In this case results may be more accurate. Such as ISO override only too...

I just want that ISO50 and ISO1800 back again! :P :'( :blink: :xmas  I may go back to Build 100-08 ;)
Are you sure that build 08 allow this?;-) ?Can u test it for me?  :xmas
Oh, and are we going to get back Fingalo's "Script Parameters" options of "Remote Enable" and "Autostart" back again? Or has that option been shelved in the AllBest builds?
Is there no this features in this my build? :o It's surprise for myself. I see this features on "Script Parameters" of my a620. U dont? :)
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Re: Build #100-11 - S3 IS Bug Report - ISO Override
« Reply #2 on: 15 / December / 2007, 06:08:17 »
Load Script from File ...
Script Shoot Delay (.1s) [ ]
Exposure Control (no flash) [ ]
Exposure Control (no flash)->  [ ]
Current Script
(script name)
Script Parameters
(the usual a= [xx]
b= [xx] etc.)
Hi, Barney!
First of all, please load new version of english.lng or reset option to default! Sorry!
I've no time today and i'll answer to your questions some time later


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