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Problem with G7 1.00i

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Problem with G7 1.00i
« on: 12 / July / 2008, 06:02:42 »
I am trying to install CHDK on my G7. I have checked the firmware version and is 1.00i. Following the instructions around here, I have managed to put the files on my 1Gb SD card manually or using CardTricks. I start my camera in playback mode and select the "Firm Update" option in the menu, but gives me the following error: "Update File Error!!!".

I have tried most of the builds for G7 1.00i and even several E,J,A versions with no luck. I even tried to make the card bootable, but the camera freezes and I need to take the battery out to make it work again.

Has anybody encountered this problem?
I will appreciate any help!

Re: Problem with G7 1.00i
« Reply #1 on: 19 / January / 2010, 17:52:06 »
I have a similar problem. i also followed the instructions. but  when i playback my camera, NO "FIRMWARE UPDATE came on! What do i wrong? i did everything. put the files on a 2gb extreme III card, on 32mb sd card. didnt work. any help please !!!


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Re: Problem with G7 1.00i
« Reply #2 on: 19 / January / 2010, 18:49:58 »

- start camera in PB mode (you did that)
- press menu to enter Canon menu
- in the left-most tab, scroll ALL the way down
- firm update entry should be there: select it, press Func, select OK

if it doesn't work, please explain which step fails for you




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Re: Problem with G7 1.00i
« Reply #3 on: 20 / January / 2010, 01:11:10 »
The file ps.fir from the CHDK package is not correctly stored on the card's root.
On a Mac, read Still Having Trouble ?...


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