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Canon IS860 Problem

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Canon IS860 Problem
« on: 15 / July / 2008, 19:41:07 »
I download the CHDK from here

The problem was when i exited the ALT menu i always saw the Menu part of the screen for example File Setinngs and they did not dissapear even though i was not in ALT menu the file settings screen was on the lcd i could not make it away entering the display mode stile file settings screen back to record mode still file settings screen i do not know how to make this element to dissapear its stil on the screen even if im not in ALT mode.

The firmware i got from here
CHDK Download - build 51, revision #444
doesnt have those issues. When im in ALT menu im in ALT MENU when i exit alt menu nothing but cammera setting displays.

Please help


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Re: Canon IS860 Problem
« Reply #1 on: 15 / July / 2008, 20:00:19 »
Hello & welcome Misiektt,

if you want to use the special CHDK build "SDM" (Stereo Data Maker, your first download link), you should go to the SDM Homepage,
there you will find a very extensive description for it.

The "issue" is a special feature of SDM, have a look to the SDM homepage link above, there's a section named
"Checking-out basic shooting operations" on the SDM Quick Start page.

Quote from the SDM Quick start:
The first time you boot a 'clean' installation of SDM, you will see the first of numerous on-screen displays (OSD).
To browse the OSD's, enter <ALT> mode and press the multicontroller left or right buttons.
For convenience, the first OSD to the left is blank but any displayed OSD can be toggled on/off with shutter half-press and multicontroller right button.

The 2nd link is the latest "normal" CHDK version, Allbest #51...


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