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IXUS860/SD870 with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SD card (=with dual-boot) - SOLVED!

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Hi all

Solution, how to run CHDK on IXUS860/SD870 with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SD card (=with dual-boot).

Solution is: forget Allbest build (until someone put about 10 new lines into its code - i put them into next message),
but use StereoData Maker build

Steps are:

1. Download ZIP with StereoData build for IXUS860 here

section DOWNLOAD in the middle of long page

2. Inside that ZIP file is "sdminste.exe" which helps you a lot - copy it to your PC

3. Run sdminste.exe and format your SD card acording to description "New SDM Install on cards 8GB or more"
which is here


4. And here comes the trick. If you leave this just on SDM.EXE and then you put it into your IXUS860, it writes to you "CARD IS FULL"

But: if you manage, that your first partition is bigger than 2MB (eg. 16MB or more), then it works corectly even on 16GB dual-partition card

So you have to use:

AEFDISK32.exe to format again your SD card. I used these commands - but be very carefull! First read instructions before you destroy your HDD in PC, see this forum for more instruction

aefdisk32 2 /show      .... try also  aefdisk32 1 /show          aefdisk32 3 /show ... etc. to determine, which number goes to your SD CARD!!!

aefdisk32 2 /delall

aefdisk32 2 /delall/pri:16:6 /pri:0:c /activate:1          ...  which makes dual boot whit 16MB first fat12/16 bootable, and rest (eg. 15.984 GB) for second

5. I used CARDTRICKS to make my first partition bootable.

6. Then you have to manually copy all StereoData builds files to your card to FIRST partition
Use sdminste.exe to swap between partition

7. If you have 16MB partition bootable & primary & first (=you can se only this if you connect your SD card with PC), then it works OK with IXUS 860 and
puts all photos/videos to second partition

-- -----------

All of this allowed me to take thousands of time-lapse photos or time-lapse video or motion-detection video for about 4-5 hours on 16GB card
(of course wih external power adpator)


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BETTER SOLUTION:  :xmas :xmas :xmas

StereoData was the first one solution for 8GB, 16GB or 32GB sdhc card.

But now: there is better solution

see here: http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php/topic,255.msg19276.html#msg19276

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Re: IXUS860/SD870 with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SD card (=with dual-boot) - SOLVED!
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I looked at this and the referenced solutions for my Powershot S3is and the Transcend 16 gb sdhc card I bought. It indeed supported the card natively; but I wanted the autoboot chdk software to work.

The Stereo Data Maker chdk version includes an installer that can be used to eliminate the complicated steps for preparing and using your high capacity cards. See 'StereoData Maker' v.1.71 Released for where I got the Idea.

What you need is a working version of CHDK for your particular camera and the file sdminste.exe from the stereo data maker build.

The installer will handle the formatting and switching to and from both partitions and creating the bootable fat12 partition.

Just press the correct buttons on the installer. 

Once you have the new card partitioned and both partitions formatted. Copy the latest version of CHDK for your camera model to both partitions on the new card. Use the installer to switch back and forth.

When finished, switch the card back to the bootable fat12 partition. Remove it from your card reader and protect it so it will boot.

To read your photos and videos and transfer the files to your computer. Use the sdminste.exe installer to swap to the FAT32 partition. Your computer will start your download when the FAT32 partition is made active.

After transfering the files from the sdhc card / or (unlocking the card) and upgrading to the latest CHDK build. Swap back to the bootable FAT12 partition (save upgraded files if necessary) remove the card and lock it again to set it to autoboot.

hint if you have a copy of sdminste.exe on your sdhc card, you can run it from the card or copy it to the hd drive of any computer you have access to so you can download you photos when away from your regular pc/pcs.

Best Wishes,
Bernie Bennett


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