Movie question - Do I get the Camera with 60fps low res or 15fps high res

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Hey all,

I am getting ready to select either an S5 or an S9 and I was wondering; can CHDK make an S9 shoot 320x240 at 60FPS or, if it cannot, can it make an S5 shoot 1024x768 at 15FPS?.

I need a good still camera.  I need highspeed video for slo-mo on machines.  I would like hi-red video for detail of machines in action.

I don't know if CHDK can help with these things.  If it does, I want to know how.

It's too bad the newer cameras don't, by default, support high speed video... I shouldn't have to make this choice, but I do.

FWIW, my TX-1's shoot 1280x720p @ 30 fps, not really "high speed" but faster and at higher res than your S5 spec.



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