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Download sites blocked

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Download sites blocked
« on: 22 / July / 2008, 02:59:10 »
I can't download anything, OpenDNS says the sites are phishing sites.
Why is this and what shall I do?

Phishing Site Blocked

Phishing Site Blocked

Phishing Site Blocked


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Re: Download sites blocked
« Reply #1 on: 22 / July / 2008, 03:07:08 »
This is near to racism, as it looks like opendns categorizes everything with the TLD ".ru" as malevolent.

Use a different DNS server, contact the OpenDNS support.


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Re: Download sites blocked
« Reply #2 on: 22 / July / 2008, 03:24:45 »
Hello, welcome John !

That's strange :o - because of this problem sometime ago i've uploaded the latest stable Allbest #50 on a free hoster, see CHDK wikia - Downloads#Allbest Build.

...if you add your camera model & firmware to your signature, we can post / give you a link to another site...


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Re: Download sites blocked
« Reply #3 on: 22 / July / 2008, 03:37:40 »
i use opendns too, but no such problem
my isp's (where i worked 2 years :) ) dns server and  many times international connections are slow at evening... it's shameful that with a 6 megabit connection is loading an ordinary "light" page in 30-60 seconds beacuse i have to wait for the dns lookups for 10-15 secs...
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Re: Download sites blocked
« Reply #4 on: 22 / July / 2008, 04:45:13 »
It works now.
My ISP sent me two new DNS server addresses which I entered manually.
DHCP didn't work, though. Strange.

Now I have a loaded SD card but my SX 100 IS haven't arrived yet.
Looking forward to filling it and thanks in advance for CHDK.

Re: Download sites blocked
« Reply #5 on: 22 / July / 2008, 04:55:52 »
I have an idea about what happened.
A program I installed automatically installed .NET, I think it redirects DNS queries to OpenDNS.
Just a theory.


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Re: Download sites blocked
« Reply #6 on: 22 / July / 2008, 09:35:53 »
Code: [Select]
[anaglyphic@cameramad ~]$ dig +short @ a a a
Uh, well, it's all hosted on servers. It's a free service with unlimited mailboxes and webspace. But it's not policed so it's become the world's largest phishing site. It gets flagged on every single anti-spam / anti-phishing blacklist in existence, with good reason! Therein lies the problem with "good" and "evil" being hosted under the same umbrella...

Another thing I find interesting, I noticed the OpenDNS error form doesn't do any validity check or database lookup, so you can put anything there...
That could be exploited for a bit of fun and spam generation, getting people to email OpenDNS support saying "why did you block <any huge site>!?!?" :P

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