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SD850is time lapse interval adjustment...

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SD850is time lapse interval adjustment...
« on: 09 / July / 2008, 22:03:30 »
I wanted to adjust the time lapse interval on my SD850is to something other than the standard choices of 1 or 2 seconds.  This post shows a script for an SD1000, but it didn't work on my camera (the script changes the value in property case # 265, but that didn't affect the time lapse interval on the SD850).  So, I used the "show propcase" option in the "debug parameters" menu of CHDK, and scrolled through the pages until I found a value of either 1000 or 2000 (corresponding to the 1 or 2 second pre-programmed intervals), and then verified that it changed when the interval was changed using the standard menu.  Then I modified the script with the new propcase #, which was 165 (not 265).  It now works as designed.  I also made the interval entry parameters a little easier to use.  Here's the modified script:

rem Author: cyril42e <>
rem Camera: SD1000_IXUS70 (and maybe other DIGIC III cameras with built-in time lapse video feature)
rem Description: Allows custom built-in time-lapse movie interval

rem modified to work on SD850is by darkner, July 9, 2008
rem changed propcase # from 265 (for SD1000) to 165 (for SD850)
@title Time lapse interval
@param a Interval (Minutes)
@default a 0
@param b Interval (Seconds)
@default b 2
@param c Interval (1/10 Seconds)
@default c 0


rem set the interval
set_prop 165 d
sleep 200
rem read the interval and display it for verification
get_prop 165 e
print "val: ",e,"ms"
sleep 2000


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Re: SD850is time lapse interval adjustment...
« Reply #1 on: 25 / July / 2008, 06:59:58 »
Oh my mistake... It's 165 for SD1000 too of course, as certainly for all DigicIII cameras, I just screwed up when writing the script, *STUPID*. Sorry for that... and thanks darkner for raising this problem.

Are there DigicII cameras with built-in timelapse feature? According to PropertyCase - CHDK Wiki #177 is "intervalometer #of shots", is it the custom timer or continuous mode or real built-in timelapse mode?


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Re: SD850is time lapse interval adjustment...
« Reply #2 on: 25 / July / 2008, 08:15:51 »
the s3is has it for example, wrote about it here, #62. pretty cool feature if you ask me ;)


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