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CHDK hard drive recorder.

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CHDK hard drive recorder.
« on: 25 / September / 2008, 02:38:28 »
What is the feasibility of using a Gameboy Advanced as a transfer interface to a USB hard drive?

I know that the Canon S3/S5 electronics do not have the processing power to control a hard drive.

I am not a programmer, just a hardware hacker. As I understand it, the camera outputs data and responds to commands. Gameboy Advanced consoles are cheap; cheaper than buying the components. Could the ARM processor be used for one purpose? Read the camera SDRAM and block transfer the contents to the Gameboy memory, which in turn outputs the memory contents to an external USB to SATA drive.

There does not need to be any hard drive formatting capabilities; that can be done on a computer USB port. Likewise no Gameboy screen display. Something rough and ready. Switch on the Gameboy, press a button and the Gameboy polls the camera USB port waiting for data. The data does not even require real time transfer. Something like, the camera SDRAM is full, a script tells the camera to dump the SDRAM contents to the Gameboy and the Gameboy to the USB drive. When the SDRAM contents are empty, the camera is ready for use.

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