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Welcome to the CHDK forum! (and RULES)

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Welcome to the CHDK forum! (and RULES)
« on: 25 / November / 2007, 13:07:32 »
Hi to all!

Having read this thread at the wiki CHDK site, I have built up this site for its community to have a more fluid and dynamic collaboration.
The community will build and update the main rules to be followed (in a given time):

RULES (v05 22-03-2012)
  • This is a community collaboration tool for the enthusiast user of Canon's compact digital cameras, and this will be your main motivation as a member of this board;
  • No swearing or using offensive language, conversation, or any reference (images, etc.) that will disturb users - or anyone - for that matter. In a board, be civil - that is the way to go ;)  ps. I will erase every post, image, and ban if someone should decide start rising against this.
  • When problems come up the community discusses the way to solve it. Member bans (other than obvious spam/trashers) will always pass by my approval.
  • Commercial projects based on CHDK cannot be discussed in this board. Furthermore, developers should keep in mind this a GPL based project, so any publication made here should upkeep to the license's rules;
  • new: Illegal content publishing of any sort on this board, using direct or indirect references, is strictly forbidden.
  • English will be (for now) the main language - for easier moderation purposes;
  • Collaborate, and help out the community!
Have fun!

Addendum 2016-05-04:
  • New users must create one topic with a security verification before being able to post freely. 

Addendum 2017-01-19:
  • new: In CAMERA MODEL specific threads please add Camera identity tags to the end of a post's subject in brackets
    • Examples: [EOS_M5] [M5]
    • Keep it consistent - by clicking on the bubble tag it should filter all the related threads
    • If it contains a space, use an underscore: i.e. "[GX_9]" and not "[GX 9]"

[edit] Moderators are listed here: Forum Moderators

acseven  ;)
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Re: Welcome to the CHDK forum!
« Reply #1 on: 18 / January / 2008, 14:56:21 »
Rules have been revised.

Please try to keep up to them. Have little patience to handle silly stuff, and as fast as this board has been opened, it can be closed.

I ask the community to be all moderators of every member, but complaints go directly to me or [edit] any other global mod.

Thank you.
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Re: Welcome to the CHDK forum!
« Reply #2 on: 31 / August / 2008, 17:23:02 »
Rules have been updated.


Re: Welcome to the CHDK forum! (and RULES)
« Reply #3 on: 18 / January / 2017, 07:20:40 »
Included a new addendum regarding "CAMERA MODEL specific threads".

Please take it under consideration while revising your current Original Posts (and edits - Mods)


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