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DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60

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DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60
« on: 26 / July / 2008, 11:14:41 »
I downloaded the latest Beta (0.2.3-beta12) but I find that it is
unable to process the RAW files from my IXUS 60 camera.

It gives this error: Error: Can't find camera profile for this file

I notice that the SD600 is in the supported camera list, but the
IXUS60 is not. The cameras are identical (just different name for
different markets) could the problem be that the name within the EXIF
is very important?

Has anybody had this issue?

I should note that it is happy with my A620 files.



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Re: DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60
« Reply #1 on: 26 / July / 2008, 13:02:16 »
Write here:

New project: camera color profile calculation

I'm sure Artden will fix your problem!

SOLUTION: DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60
« Reply #2 on: 29 / July / 2008, 10:55:22 »
Inspired by some posts in the massive ArtDen DNG4PS-2 thread, I found a solution to my little problem.

As I suspected, the problem was due to the fact that my EXIF data recorded the camera model as Canon DIGITAL IXUS 60, while DNG4PS-2 was expecting a camera called Canon PowerShot SD600.

The solution was quite simple:

In DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12, I clicked on the Settings button and the Camera Options tab. I chose the Canon PowerShot SD600 from the list and clicked the Copy button. This created a new profile called Copy of Canon PowerShot SD600 (which I was not able to rename manually), in the camera name box I typed in the camera name as per my EXIF (Canon DIGITAL IXUS 60) and then clicked OK. I closed and restarted the program. The program at some point renames the new profile to the much more sensible name, and it is able to convert my CRW files. Great!

I hope this helps somebody!



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Re: DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60
« Reply #3 on: 10 / August / 2008, 21:28:03 »
eliavecellio, thanks for feedback. I will think how to solve problem with synonyms of camera name

Re: DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60
« Reply #4 on: 11 / December / 2008, 11:58:41 »
Thanks. This Solved my problem with my Canon  IXY DIGITAL 2000 IS, named as Canon IXIS SD950


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Re: DNG4PS-2 0.2.3-beta12 and IXUS60
« Reply #5 on: 29 / December / 2008, 10:20:54 »
[...] I closed and restarted the program. [...]

actually I tried this solution and it basically works in case of A590IS and beta 16, however after I close and restart the program, the camera information is lost and I have to copy/rename camera every time.

is there a way to make the new camera information in the program settings permanent?


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