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Newbie - Canon SD600 Questions

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Newbie - Canon SD600 Questions
« on: 27 / July / 2008, 19:36:08 »
Hi. I was just googling and saw the amazing things you guys can do to such a small camera. My question is. How does this all work.

1. I do not have an SD Card Reader.
2. I do not know how to install the firmwares and that sort of thing.
3. Willing to learn and already searched the forums to get a glimpse of what I can or can't do.

So if anyone out there is willing to help me that would be fantastic. Thanks.  :D


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Re: Newbie - Canon SD600 Questions
« Reply #1 on: 27 / July / 2008, 20:28:34 »
Welcome Bushido90! (you must like samurais).

Everything (supported cameras, how to install, CHDK capabilities) you want to know is here:

You may want to read the end user's guide with screenshots as well:

I would recomend you to get an SD card reader, it's easier to download CHDK that way.


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