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IDA signatures

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IDA signatures
« on: 17 / November / 2008, 09:15:35 »
Is it possible to convert IDA data into ASCII format, so that ppl using other (free) disassemblers, could utilize VxWorks interface calls.

If we could get filepointer per VxWorks _interface call name_ from a known deciphered firmaware update in an ASCII format file, one could utilize the data in some other disassembler (not having Flirt etc capability). 



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Re: IDA signatures
« Reply #1 on: 17 / November / 2008, 21:58:51 »
You can export to IDC script, which could be parsed for useful information.  You could also write IDC scripts to extract things like that.

There is also the Signature finder - CHDK Wiki which doesn't require IDA at all. With a modest amount of work, it could do a lot more too.
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