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my first Hdr attempt.

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my first Hdr attempt.
« on: 30 / July / 2008, 23:24:51 »
Hi everyone.i just made my first stacked photos,and im sure i did a lot of stuff wrong.
but the results look simular to other Hdr's.
i did not use raw when i shot the pictures,and the transformation in artisan was very basic,
i used defaults,and tweaked those to fit my eye.
i made several versions of the same picture,some of the art looking ones,and some where i tried
to get close to reality,i like both kinds,and will continue learning.
the pictures are from the old blacksmith,at Egeskov "oakwood"castle,near where i live.

Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #1 on: 31 / July / 2008, 05:52:19 »
It would be interesting to see the source images so that we can see what the subject exposure-range was.


Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #2 on: 31 / July / 2008, 07:33:00 »
you are quite right got a bit late when i posted the pics.
so i forgot a source image.but these are made of 7 exposures.
and it might be a bit much to upload.but if u insist ill do

Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #3 on: 04 / August / 2008, 13:48:23 »
The first one looks spot on.  I hate "over cooked" HDR images where there are halo's and weird lighting effects everywhere.  The top one looks most realistic and probably most like the sourse.  You could capture such an image first time without using HDR techniques, but it takes time during the "shoot".

Great shot and well done!  Have you tried adding a single tone to it?  Open it in Photoshop, go to Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation... clicking on Colorize and mess with the Hue slider... some old world effects to mae it sepia..!


Here's what I mean.. makes a nice shot for an "old image".  Great shot Emiiiil!!

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Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #4 on: 04 / August / 2008, 23:38:19 »
Unique look. Especially the middle image. Looking forward to your next batch.


Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #5 on: 05 / August / 2008, 13:42:07 »
Thx alot for the  reply's,here is the first pic,without processing,for comparison,i got rid of the
very highligted areas and the wood looks alot nicer.although the colours in the middle picture are
a bit over the top.i still like the water colour feel of it.

due to posting on another forum,im a bit in doubt that the method used can be called HDR.
calling it HDR in that forum,made the nerds jump all over me.
im sure some of u guys knows the prober use of the term.

Hi Steveo,Im a huge fan of pictures made in sepia and B/W,strangly enough i never convert any of
shots to those nuances.although i know that sometimes it does the picture a big favor.
thx for the wake up call,and the PS instruction,

Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #6 on: 05 / August / 2008, 14:34:10 »
I made a visit to my local Historic town.wich is comprised of up to 600 year old buildings,salvaged from
demolition,and put together in a way that assembles the way of living and comunity style of the last,well
600 years.
the photo opportunitys in a place like that is almost impossible to empty out,everything is authentic and can be touched carefully.this is a sure place to get photos that can recreate paintings of the golden era.
this is one picture of many where i chose to take 7 exposures,so here is 5 pictures of the same object.
with different tone mappings,the first picture is the 7 pictures without tonemapping.the next 2 have
different levels of mapping,and the last is a tribute to Steveo.Lol

the picture is of i belive a,trunk for slaughtering pigs in that age of day.

let me know if u want to see more.

Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #7 on: 06 / August / 2008, 03:43:04 »
I'm glad I inspired you!!  Thanks for the "tribute"!!  Next lesson is the duplicate the whole image into a new layer... apply the sepia/tone to that layer, with quite a strong saturation level and then use the opacity slider to allow the "original" layer underneath to show through.. Gives the slight appearence of the colours as well as the single tone. (that's what I did with the origianal, notice the slight green tint of the big hammer base in my original).

Also, instead of the opacity slider, mess with the blending options next to it in the layers window.  Choose Overlay, Pin light.. diffuse... mess about and see if something looks cool!

Glad to see you have a good creative mind!!

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Re: my first Hdr attempt.
« Reply #8 on: 06 / August / 2008, 14:26:32 »
wow.not nearly as creative as you,that is some exciting advice,i love photoshop currently using Cs3.
seems that the only limit to that program is the user,and i must admit i easily get lost in all the
options,and keeps returning to what i already know,especially working with layers,can be a bit confusing.
im thankful for those small tutorials,makes it easy to remember those tricks when u get them in small doses.ill upload some results with that technik,if i get some good results.


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