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dummy stub?

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dummy stub?
« on: 29 / July / 2008, 14:54:18 »

Is there a standard way to deal with undiscovered Canon functions in CHDK platform stubs? I mean, if I add a new function and haven't found the entry points for all camera models, the rest will not build unless I either

1) map the stub name to a dummy function for cameras the entry point is unknown or nonexistant, or
2) enclose all my new core code changes in ugly #ifdefs.

For example, looking at platform/s5is/sub/101b/stubs_entry.S I see a lot of stubs referenced to 0xFF81096C, a "nullsub". Is there a list of known safe dummy nullsub addresses for all platform/subs somewhere in the source tree?

To me it seems we have quite a few nice features which rely on Canon functions already discovered and that there's certainly more to come. IMO, some of these need to get into trunk before they are ported for all models, but I think we need a standard way to do it. Is there?


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Re: dummy stub?
« Reply #1 on: 29 / July / 2008, 15:00:11 »
well, i did this with movie_status. some cameras still don't have movie_status defined in stubs_min.S. so for example in the lib.c of the ixus65 we have [/quote]int movie_status = 0;[/quote].
i hope i got you correctly there


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