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DNG profiles : the end of RAW color problem?

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Re: DNG profiles : the end of RAW color problem?
« Reply #20 on: 13 / September / 2008, 04:12:39 »
Has anyone started to work on an A640 DNG camera profile ?

I saw one for the A620 in an earlier post, but it's probably not a good starting point for, or is it ?



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Re: DNG profiles : the end of RAW color problem?
« Reply #21 on: 14 / September / 2008, 00:48:29 »
What matters is if the light was actually "Daylight" (i.e. 6500K or close to it).  If you can get one chart photo, evenly lit, in this lighting and another at Standard Illuminant A (i.e. tungsten, 2850K, something like a normal household light bulb) then you will be well on your way to making a good profile for use with all your photos.
Haven't checked the forum in a while...

The color chart was shot in daylight with the sun at roughly 45 degrees to the horizon.  Color temp was close to 6500K.

I tried several times to shoot the color chart in tungsten light, but never succeeded in getting even enough lighting across the chart.  It made me think you need a studio setup to achieve this.

Re: DNG profiles : the end of RAW color problem?
« Reply #22 on: 02 / November / 2008, 14:22:48 »
You guys are making it rather hard for yourselves! You can map the profile from any camera with an adobe beta profile by opening the DNG in profile editor, click on 'choose external profile' under the Base Profile menu on the right side, choose the profile you want then click on file/export.

That way you can get the colour from any camera you want to be mapped onto your camera and it will show up in the ACR or LR profile drop down. I've been using it to map Nikon colour onto my Canon files, works a treat.

I do have a colour checker on the way to make my own profiles but if you want the 'look' of a specific camera, this is the way to do it.

Infact I hadn't thought of doing it yet for my CHDK RAW files, just mapped the same D700 profile onto my A710 RAW files, took all of 20 seconds. Practically no difference between that and the embedded profile from the DNG converter (i.e. from the jpg), just goes to show how good the jpg's are! Wish my DSLR files were so accurate out of the box!
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Re: DNG profiles : the end of RAW color problem?
« Reply #23 on: 02 / November / 2008, 15:34:24 »
Well, I tried G9 profiles for A650 that way. Both cameras have the same sensor, so G9 profile should be good. And - Camera Standard beta 2, which should produce the same colors as jpeg from camera, was quite near (after adjusting exposure, brightness, contrast and some WB correction), although my extensive test image shown that it was far from identical.

On the other side, Adobe standard beta 2 for G9, used with A650 raw, was expected to give me the same colors as 400D raw with Adobe standard beta 2 for 400D, but that wasn't the case. Colors were quite off - red tends towards magenta, green foliage toward yellow and sky color towards cyan + some differences in white balance

Adobe standard profile for G6 also wasn't very good for A620, although both also have the same sensor. There was a big difference in WB. After correcting WB, colors look similar to 400D used as reference, but didn't have time to make more tests.

Another thing, Canon in-camera rendering and rendering of Camera Standard profiles provided by Adobe for Canon is quite different from rendering of Adobe Standard profiles. Foliage has almost 10 deg higher hue and looks too cold for my taste, and sky also has about 5 deg higher hue and looks too violet for my taste, orange is too dark etc ...

You can use lookup table from profile to get Nikon colors from Canon (or every other) raw files (using Camera profiles), but since sensors are different, you can't use the profile as-is (at least not with great success), because color matrices in the profiles are unique for every camera, and matrices for APS sensors are considerably different than matrices for sensors in compact cameras and will generally give you less saturated images + differences in white balance and hue

Unlike Camera profiles, all Adobe Standard beta 2 profiles have the same HSV lookup table, just color matrices are different. There are 4 color matrices in a profile now. Color matrices for each camera are the same in all profiles for that camera (for example Adobe Standard beta 2 for G9, Camera Standard beta 2 for G9, Camera Vivid beta 2 for G9 ...)
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Re: DNG profiles : the end of RAW color problem?
« Reply #24 on: 06 / August / 2009, 21:10:55 »
I own a A650 and after experimenting with the Adobe DNG profile editor I found the "Canon PowerShot G9 Camera Neutral" profile was closer to in camera JPEG colors than the embedded profile, as well as the other G9 profiles avaliable. Could the values based on Adobes profile be integrated into the CHDK firmware?
As a side note I used to own a A570 which I had made som raw photos with. Thanks to this page http://www.riddle.ru/?page=articles/ccd and dpreview.com camera feature search I was able to guess that the A570 had the same sensor as the Olympus SP-550 which Adobe had a profile for and it did indeed make make output closer to the canon JPEGs.


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