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Using a Motion Detection for the upcoming Perseids shower August,12, 2008

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I already checked CHDK in my Canon PowerShot S3 IS, and it worked fine.

But now I am looking for an step-by-step guide to load and use a motion detection script fit to take pictures of a falling star as the ones that will be visible around August, 12.

May anyone give me a hint as soon as possible on how to do that?

Many thanks,


Offline Gran Canaria

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go here:
find the box that starts with:
rem Author: MLuna - based om MX3 sample script
rem Tested on S3IS only
rem Requires Fingalo's build v 119
rem Use with caution!

@title Motion Detection

mark everything in the box
copy in wordpad or any text editor
safe on your sd card as "Motion Detection.bas" to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder

start camera and press S button go go into alt menu
set buton
load script from file
choose Motion Detection.bas

stay in alt mode
press shutter button
motion detection is running
shutter button or off or S button to exit

see:,2075.0.html for oprimizing experience


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I guess you wont get any reaction from falling stars. They are really faint, and to make your camera react to those, you'd have to set the threshold very low - but then your camera would probably react to the image noise on the live view.

You are probably better off if you set up your cam to take long time exposures with one of the intervalometer scripts floating around here.



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yes: remember the MD scripts read the image from the LCD display: can you see stars in that display? Barely, if not at all.
A Perseid would be fast, therefore very faint!


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