Simple Looping Script: "Shoot, Transfer, Delete, Shoot,...etc"

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I'm very interested in buying a Canon SD870 and writing CHDK scripts, but I can't find a clear confirmation about whether anything will allow me to script something like a long time-lapse session with my camera and laptop in which I repeatedly "Shoot,Download,Shoot..." for days at a time.

I did find a note that seemed to describe not being able to manually (I think) download to a host machine through the USB port while CHDK was loaded.

But is it possible to automate what I described?  Please let me know - thanks very much!


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Re: Simple Looping Script: "Shoot, Transfer, Delete, Shoot,...etc"
« Reply #1 on: 05 / August / 2008, 17:20:06 »
you are right, you cant' download images AND run CHDK in the same time.

Someone (see here Deleting images with interval shooting ) is trying to achieve the same result with an EyeFi card (an SD card that connects to wi-fi)


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