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ISO Override Oddities

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ISO Override Oddities
« on: 22 / December / 2007, 21:05:00 »
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Re: ISO Override Oddities
« Reply #1 on: 23 / December / 2007, 09:00:26 »
First things first...  AllBest... your builds are great! Keep up the good work.
Second of all, I am not making any complaints here below, just observations in an attempt to help in testing firmwares for the benefit of all :)
I have an a640, so this relates to that camera and those firmwares.

I have tested some of AllBest's builds, and I have also had a similar experience.
I usually use Av mode. I set the ISO to 1600 (maybe even higher), and set the ISO to 800 in the standard menu. In order to compensate for this, I used the -1 setting. However, I found the images to be too bright!
So I set the camera to -2 and the images were normal brightness.
I checked everything, and I can conclude that it was ISO 3200!  :)
I tried it in manual mode as well. I had something like this:
Normal settings - normal brightness: ISO 800 + shutter speed = 1/15
ISO 1600 setting = normal brightness + shutter speed = 1/60 !

However, with this latest build I can not get the ISO override to work at all.
The previous build occasionally worked after a lot of playing around.
So I assume that something about the way the ISO override was done in version 9 or 8 worked better than it does currently.
I also had ISO 50 working as well.

Anyway, if I can help in any way by testing the firmware for the a640, please let me know  :)


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