more than 30 seconds custom timer

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more than 30 seconds custom timer
« on: 10 / August / 2008, 20:36:11 »
Hi, I'd need a 60-seconds custom timer on my S3 IS, then do a burst of up to 30 shots.

Is such a script available?



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Re: more than 30 seconds custom timer
« Reply #1 on: 10 / August / 2008, 20:55:27 »
Hello & welcome Greg,

try this (a fast hack):

Code: (sdlbasic) [Select]
@title 60s timer
@param a Shoot count
@default a 30

print "Now waiting for 60s..."
sleep 60000
print "Now let's start shooting..."

for n=1 to a
 print "Shoot", n, "of", a
next n


Attached you'll find the file "60sTimer.bas" also as ready2use download...

Re: more than 30 seconds custom timer
« Reply #2 on: 11 / August / 2008, 20:24:53 »
Wonderful, thank you! This has got me started nicely.

As I need the highest possible frame rate, I changed the script to use the press/release commands.  It requires the camera to be set to continuous shooting mode before the script starts.  The result is perfect for my needs.  Thanks again.


@title custom timer
@param t timer in seconds
@param b burst length in seconds
@default t 60
@default b 15
print t, "seconds custom timer"
sleep t * 1000
print "shooting a", b, "seconds burst"
press "shoot_full"
sleep b * 1000
release "shoot_full"
print "done"




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