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Video feature question

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Video feature question
« on: 15 / August / 2008, 21:17:36 »
Hi, i'm running the all the best 50 (ATB) on my canon A620.

My question is how does the ATB video features work with the default on the camera? So if I have the default set to 640x480 with 30 frames per second and use 100 quality with the ATB video will that be better quality than the default set to 320x240 with 15 frames per second and also use 100 quality with the ATB? Or is the ATB just the compression of the video on the card and overwrites the default coding?

My second question is what does the flashing "!" mean? I noticed it only happense on the highest quality, but it flashes for a bit and then will shut off and sometimes come back. Is it just a warning that the buffer may be getting full?

Thanks alot.


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Re: Video feature question
« Reply #1 on: 16 / August / 2008, 06:09:24 »
Hello & welcome Mike !

In the CHDK video settings menu you can only set up the compression of the video, not the resolution or the framerate, you can either use a bitrate factor (0.25 - 3.0) or the quality setting (up to 99, this means max. quality), the settings overrides the cameras default video compression.
The default values in CHDK should be near to the original Canon ones (bitrate 1, quality = 84).

The flashing red "!" is a origin Canon indicator, it means that the video buffer runs out of memory soon, this is a indicator that the bitrate / quality setting is to high, the camera can't save the data stream fast enough to the card - use a lower setting, with a quality of > 98 you'll get up to 10 MB per s and more to save to the SD card !


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