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Propcase explore for video mode

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Propcase explore for video mode
« on: 19 / August / 2008, 12:29:49 »

i'd like to explore propcase on my A710 to find if video mode can be set to other then available.
To do it i write a simple script to explore which propcase value is varying (only the not zero) when i change some property.
Here you are, hope its helpful.


@title Prop not zero
@param a minprop
@default a 0
@param b maxprop
@default b 256

print_screen 1
  for n=a to b
    get_prop n v
    if v<>0 then print n,v
  next n

  is_key k "set"
  if k=1 then goto "lend"
goto "loop"

print_screen 0


As example i change from auto mode to video mode 640x480x30 and i note this change:

Prop 70 from 91   to  103   
Prop 100 from 977 to 979   
Prop 101 from -17203   to 17693   

Then i try to change from 640x480x30 to 320x240x30 and this is the result:

Prop 100 from 979 to 977
Prop 101 from 17693 to 21833
Prop 127 from 2   to 1
Prop 128 from 1   to 0

Carlo Sorrentino


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