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Lightning+SX100 IS

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Lightning+SX100 IS
« on: 26 / August / 2008, 18:22:37 »
Hi all,
  I thought I'd just post my first ever lightning pictures, taken with a SX100 IS, with Fudgeys script, all options were default, except I changed the sensitivity from 10 to 5.  Enjoy!

Re: Lightning+SX100 IS
« Reply #1 on: 27 / August / 2008, 18:11:18 »
nice pics... i wish i could do it with my sx100 but im too lazy to investigate how :D

wich firmware version do you have?

Re: Lightning+SX100 IS
« Reply #2 on: 27 / August / 2008, 22:08:35 »
I'm using AllBest's firmware version 1.00C, as that is what I discovered my camera's firmware to be, it appears there is also a version for cameras with version 1.00B, you can find out by turning on your camera, going to review mode, then pressing Disp, and Funcset simultaneously, and can download version 1.00C here:

 Then I copied Fudgeys script to the scripts folder created when you install CHDK onto your card-I used cardtricks- make sure you turn off the lock function, else it won't copy:)  Then just go to your settings, by pressing the print, or alt button, selecting the script options, and load the script, change the sensitivity from 10 to 5 or so, 10 should work, but 5 guarantees a good shot.  Then exit the menus and Alt mode by pressing the print(or alt) button.  Extend the lens by pressing the shutter button, and then press alt again, and hold your camera steady and wait for 1 million volts to flash across the sky!  Have fun.

Re: Lightning+SX100 IS
« Reply #3 on: 27 / August / 2008, 22:44:27 »
ok thanks
i have 1.00B

and first of all i need a card reader, also my card is a 4gb SDHC, that can bring more issues

Re: Lightning+SX100 IS
« Reply #4 on: 27 / August / 2008, 23:22:28 »
Ok, here is a link to a cheap SD, and SDHC reader, I have this exact one and so far has worked flawlessly:

4GB is currently the maximum for CHDK for the SX100 IS, so it should work ok for you


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Re: Lightning+SX100 IS
« Reply #5 on: 28 / August / 2008, 00:15:28 »
1.00C and 1.00B refers to original firmware version, - this long filename means:
- allbest's build for sx100 with 1.00c original canon firmware (remember to check twice firmware version!!!),
- chdk build 51 (it's not changing from a while, it should be the "version" number)
- changeset 419 (every change of the source codes will increase this number, so this number often changes)

here you can follow the changes of allbest(aka trunc) and juciphox(or morebest or collabuild or....) builds:
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