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Flexible Intervelometer Script

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Re: Flexible Intervelometer Script
« Reply #10 on: 08 / July / 2008, 16:59:34 »
eforman - make sure you're using the latest build. Also, if your camera uses Digic II, you need to change all the 206's to 205's

Cola - try the same test I gave albo

albo - If it's not even writing to a file, that I'm not sure what could be wrong. The only2  things I can think of are
1)  Maybe "math" is a reserved word or something like that. try changing it to something else where ever it appears. Try changing it to "calculate"
2) Maybe the script is too long. Try moving the math subroutine up above the "focus" subroutine. If length is the problem, now you should get an error at some other point.


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Re: Flexible Intervelometer Script
« Reply #11 on: 30 / July / 2008, 12:00:38 »
Hi again A_Str8,

So: Neither of the suggestions seems to change the behavior of the script.  What HAS changed the behavior is that I've recently upgraded to CHDK #458.  Now, instead of flashing the screen briefly and turning the camera off, the script just locks the camera up after printing *** STARTED ***.

So - perhaps there is some incompatibility with one of the commands you implement and the SD870?  That might explain why a new version of CHDK would change the behavior?  I'm not sure, but I _am_ eager to use your script!  Any more help you could offer is very welcome!


Re: Flexible Intervelometer Script
« Reply #12 on: 20 / August / 2008, 13:59:17 »
I vaguely remember reading somewhere that older versions of CHDK didn't support uppercase variables. Mayb ethe version you are using doesn't support them. That would explain why it's failing before the script seems to do anything at all. This will be tedious, but try changing all the uppercase variables to lowercse. They would have to unused lowercase variables. I think "l" is the last lowercase I used, so try these substitutions:

change A to m
B to n
C to o
D to p
M to q
W to r
X to s
Y to t
Z to u

I think that should cover everything. Even if there's an error in my substitutions here, this should help determine if case is the problem because the script should act differently at least at first.


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