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Timelapse with variable shutter speed

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Re: Timelapse with variable shutter speed
« Reply #150 on: 26 / October / 2008, 23:15:55 »
Here is the thing that I did.. The script that I am using was ult_intrvl.bas, there is a command called 'get_tv h', which I figured out that wont work on DIGIC III processor(My S5 IS). So I removed it and the code that uses the variable 'h'. Thats it. It worked perfectly well.
Here is the final code.

Code: [Select]
rem Author - Keoeeit
rem Modified - Lalith
rem Modified for - S5 IS
rem Written for S-Series
rem Should be okay on others
rem Use Endless mode with caution
rem See documentation for important info
@title Ultra Intervalometer
@param a Delay 1st Shot (Mins)
@default a 0
@param b Delay 1st Shot (Secs)
@default b 0
@param c Number of Shots
@default c 5
@param d Interval (Minutes)
@default d 0
@param e Interval (Seconds)
@default e 0
@param f Interval (10th Seconds)
@default f 5
@param g Endless? No=0 Yes=1
@default g 0

if c<1 then c=5
if t<1 then t=1
if g<0 then g=0
if g>1 then g=1
if p<0 then p=0


print "1 Cycle Time:", x/600; "min", x%600/10; "sec"

goto "interval"

  if p>0 then gosub "pause"
  for n=1 to c
  print "Shot", n, "of", c
  if n>1 then sleep u*100
  next n
  if g=1 then goto "interval" else end

  for m=1 to n
  print "Intvl Begins:", q/60; "min", q%60; "sec"
  sleep 930
  next m

Re: Timelapse with variable shutter speed
« Reply #151 on: 31 / October / 2008, 02:36:25 »
hey lalith, all the scripts for the s5 are here: UBASIC/Scripts - CHDK Wiki under the current section.  i currently maintain the little section.  not too much action lately.


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