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Shut_down problems: 'sleep' needed

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Shut_down problems: 'sleep' needed
« on: 22 / August / 2008, 20:57:56 »
Having notifyied some strange behaviour with 'shut_down',I have made some test in script like this:
(in a loop 'for next')
if ....then shut_down
print x
next x

At my surprise I needed a 'sleep 1000' on my g7 Allbest#50 after if...shut_down!(to not execute following lines)
If my scipt shoot delay was to 1(.1s) a sleep (1100 at least)was needed before 'print', too.Two or more following instructions
 may be involved.Used in a loop,shut_down followed by other instructions(a=get_usb_power for example) without 'sleep' may put in trouble.

Last edit:
As a 'sleep 1100' is indesirable in a loop,the 'shutdown'has only to be get out of the loop:

for x=...
if ...  then goto "shutdown"
next x
 sleep 1500

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Re: Shut_down problems: 'sleep' needed
« Reply #1 on: 24 / August / 2008, 22:26:58 »
After other tests on my g7 allbest#50(lcd off enabled),it seems that 'shut_down'with

  the standard-single 'if then else'statement needs a 'sleep'.
  the Fingalo-multiple statement doesn't need a 'sleep' some cases?if there is not other commands out of the 'if then else endif' statement but the script (loop)is still running.
Anyway with the multiple statement I can add a 'sleep' without problem,for example:
      sleep 1500

Very strange but this may explain if some scripts are running correctly and others not.
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Re: Shut_down problems: 'sleep' needed
« Reply #2 on: 25 / August / 2008, 00:43:06 »
we might be able to fix the ubasic shutdown command, so that fixing scripts isnt needed anymore.


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