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sound trigger

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sound trigger
« on: 04 / June / 2008, 17:57:25 »
since you can take a picture during video, and it uses microphones, is it at all feasible to come up with a script to take a picture when sound is made on the video? maybe it doesnt need to be shooting a video?
im new to the chdk thing so i have no clue what im saying, but it seems like it might be a possibilty

Re: sound trigger
« Reply #1 on: 22 / August / 2008, 10:35:50 »
I think I saw no answer to this, but has someone worked on this? The canon has a microphone so is it possible to link the sounds to shooting? Would be great to have a script that you activate waits untill clappin gis heard, then waits a deifned number of seconds (so you can put your hands in the proper place) and then shoots;-)

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Re: sound trigger
« Reply #2 on: 23 / August / 2008, 12:30:19 »
This is currently not a script writing issue as there is nothing in CHDK that interfaces to the microphone. I think there's been some feature requests about something like this before, though, feel free to bump  :D


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