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IXUS 30 Kbd Problems

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IXUS 30 Kbd Problems
« on: 04 / September / 2008, 06:41:42 »
Hi everyone,
I tried to use the IXUS 40 port on my IXUS 30 but there seems to be a Keyboard problem.
When I comment out the 2. Keyboard Task I see the splash screen but of course cant press any key.

With the keyboard task the cam reboots with a short flash on the display.



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Re: IXUS 30 Kbd Problems
« Reply #1 on: 04 / September / 2008, 13:10:24 »
^^ If you make card bootable with your pc and start it up, you get live picture and the string "Card is locked" is shown...
But keyboard is not working of course. ^^
Maybe we should put an eye on ixus40 again. And look up the keyboard asm...
I'll try later if there is some time left.
Any idea on stubs_min.S?


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