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SX100IS Custom Auto ISO

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SX100IS Custom Auto ISO
« on: 01 / September / 2008, 17:11:38 »
I am trying to use the "Custom Auto ISO" feature on a SX100IS (Firmware Ver GM1.00C, CHDK Allbest Autobuild, build 51, revision #491).
The "Max ISO ... (x10)" and "Min ISO Auto (x10)" settings are a bit strange, to me.
According to the "manual", they should be "ISO / 10", while in reality ...
Alt_Menu_Setting     ISO_AUTO_Value_Used
1                            16
3                            50
13                          200
26                          400

Note, it seems I can ask the camera to use ISO 16 as the "base ISO"... but does this mean that the camera is really able to use it?
If not, how can I find out what is the min "base" ISO that the SX100IS is able to set?

Any help appreciated,
Best regards,


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Re: SX100IS Custom Auto ISO
« Reply #1 on: 02 / September / 2008, 01:12:09 »
The ISO setting allows you to set the "REAL ISO",
while the ISO value shown in the camera is the "Marketing ISO".
In my Ixus860, I've ever reached ISO 10.
Maybe you can test it a little bit.
For camera feature, you can take a look at CameraFeatures - CHDK Wiki.
However, the data is not complete..


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