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Any help pls re: hot pixel on S5 IS?

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Any help pls re: hot pixel on S5 IS?
« on: 06 / September / 2008, 03:56:45 »
Hi everybody

I have bought a Canon S5 IS a few months ago and it seems to have developed a red hot pixel almost bottom center.  At first, I thought that it was just a dead pixel showing only on LCD and EVF, but when I transferred my photos to PC, I noticed that it was there too, and believe me it was a really eye-sore although tiny.  I know that I can solve this issue by using adequate software and remove it, but I wanted to see whether there was some other way to get rid of it first and foremost from the camera.  It seems that it gets more visible when shooting dark photos or there is lack of light.  With CHDK allbest50 I managed to get rid of the red spot from my pics (although it is still visible in LCD/EVF, but that is not a problem after all).  However, as you already know, canon S5 IS can record video too.  Unfortunately I did not manage to get rid of the spot in video clips and it seems to be bigger and bolder and more visible.  My CHDK allbest50 does not has a video menu, perhaps I can arrange some settings in it. Is there somebody how can help in this matter please? Im trying to put aside the fact of returning the camera for remapping or other correction as I dont live in UK and I bought this camera over the internet.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance! 


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