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A620 Chdk doesn't work/show

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A620 Chdk doesn't work/show
« on: 06 / September / 2008, 13:39:20 »
Here's the situation:
1.  My A620 had fw v 1000e... I successfully updated to 1000f as per ver.req
2.  Camera works fine with new fw.
3.  I then removed the psa620.fir from the card.
4.  I downloaded the chdk zip for the A620  named: pre14-a620-100f-148.zip
5.  I unzipped and saved the two files to the root directory of the sd card
     diskboot.bin and ps.fir
6.  Locked the card and replaced into camera
7.  I turn on the camera, the display shows "Card Locked!" .
8.  The CHDK splash screen doesn't show.  Pressing the "direct print"/ALT button doesn't do anything.
     I am unable to take pictures. 

Am I missing a step?  Any suggestions?

Thanks,   Joel


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Re: A620 Chdk doesn't work/show
« Reply #1 on: 06 / September / 2008, 13:47:00 »
1.) You are using an ancient version of chdk. Get a recent one.
Juciphox for example: Juciphox Download - build 0.5.1, revision #499

2.) You didnt make your card bootable, did you?

Look here: Bootable SD card - CHDK Wiki
Or even better, here: FAQ - CHDK Wiki


Re: A620 Chdk doesn't work/show
« Reply #2 on: 07 / September / 2008, 13:18:26 »
Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try the latest version.


Re: A620 Chdk doesn't work/show
« Reply #3 on: 07 / September / 2008, 13:48:38 »

Thanks.  It's now working with the newer version.  The instructions text file included in the zip file has much better directions. 



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