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8GB SDHC + Canon S5 IS?

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8GB SDHC + Canon S5 IS?
« on: 10 / September / 2008, 17:39:05 »
I have a brand new canon S5 IS and want to use my 8GB SDHC w/ CHDK on it.

I've searched around and the best resource I could find was:
MIND - FIELDS: careful where you stand: Canon S5 IS CHDK hack step-by-step tutorial

However I can't make my drive fixed because I don't even have a USBControlSet001 folder/key (i have 002,003,004 though)

It also seems I can't even load it on-demand because there is no PS.FIR for the S5 IS.

PLEASE, can SOMEONE help me? I am getting so frustrated... I really want to get this to work!!!

(on a side note, will it work with 4GB or is 2GB the max you can autoboot "without extra steps"?)

Thanks to all in advance!


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