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A720 external battery pack

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A720 external battery pack
« on: 08 / September / 2008, 01:37:29 »
To solve issues about power during long time-lapse sequences, I'd like to provide my A720 with and external battery pack able to "simulate" the official power supply (ACK800 code).

My informations are:
Voltage: 3.15V
Current: 2.00A
Connector polarity: + inside / - external

First I'd like these data to be confirmed, then I don't know if supply voltage from 2 big Nimh batteries (2.4-2.5V) could be enough to operate properly the camera (the "official" voltage could be the "higher side" of allowed voltage to provide better operation, flash recycle, etc.).


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Re: A720 external battery pack
« Reply #1 on: 08 / September / 2008, 20:53:31 »
I would certainly expect two lage NiMH cells to work fine, since the camera runs on two AAs normally. The camera has to accept from the low end of 2 volts up to a bit over 3 to account for anything from mostly discharged NiMH to fresh Alkalines. I'd be very surprised if the external DC had different voltage requirements.
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