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CHDK on not Canon-Cameras ?

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CHDK on not Canon-Cameras ?
« on: 26 / December / 2007, 04:39:18 »
Hi all,

i ve a generally question about CHDK. Why is it not possible to
create this "Hack" on other Cameras like Panasonic, Fuji etc ?

I ve a Panasonic FX55, and i miss RAW and more EV for HDR.


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Re: CHDK on not Canon-Cameras ?
« Reply #1 on: 26 / December / 2007, 07:09:01 »
Device hacks (in general) are very hardware dependent. There are already a number of differences between the supported Canon cameras which need adjustments in CHDK.

Even if your camera could run foreign program code, the differences between Canon and Panasonic (and any other manufacturer) would be so great that a hack for your cam would be a totally different project and had very few similiarities to CHDK.



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