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Canon Factory Service for my defective SD870 LCD screen - Ugh!

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Canon Factory Service for my defective SD870 LCD screen - Ugh!
« on: 11 / September / 2008, 16:20:02 »
My SD870 developed a very strange problem with the screen about a week or two after I got it. It had a big gray line across the bottom of the screen - it was something strange and even when the camera was turned off you could see where it was because it was less reflective than the rest.

I dealt with it, and figured I'd send it in for repair to them later (since I called them and found out their warranty repair process is the longest one I've ever heard of for consumer electronics devices).

A few more spots appeared on my screen, and one day when I looked at it the line turned into a big gray circle. These spots were a little less than the size of a dime, and extremely annoying. I've had hundreds of devices with LCD screens - and I've never had a problem like this one. It's pretty clear to me that this is a defective LCD screen - especially considering that it's never been dropped.

I contacted Canon and told them about it. They told me to send them the camera. I did. Today, I get back in my email an estimate for repair.

They want to charge me $134 to fix the camera that had a defective part in it.

This is the last canon I'm ever going to buy - CHDK or no CHDK. The first one I had died in a week with a faulty flash (Amazon replaced that one for me), this one has a bad LCD screen.

I haven't called them back yet - but their whole entire process seems set up to scam the customer. "For warranty repair, just send it in and we'll take care of it. Oh, and while we have your camera hostage, we'll send you a ransom note for repairs that probably should be under warranty if we were a halfway decent company - but since we're not you'll have to pay up. Ha ha hah"

In the description of my problem, the repair tech only put down "DENTS ON INNER-LENS-RING.SCRATCHES.LCD-SCREEN HAS SEVERAL DEAD-PIXCELS.CHECK ALL FUNCTIONS,REPAIR TO GOOD WORKING ORDER.FLAT RATE REPAIR MODEL,PARTS AND LABOR INCLUDED IN PRICE" (the dent on the lens ring is cosmetic and does not affect the functioning.)

By my estimation, I think there are several THOUSAND dead pixels on that screen based on the size of those big dead spots.

Needless to say, I'm not happy with Canon.

Re: Canon Factory Service is free when under warranty.
« Reply #1 on: 12 / September / 2008, 12:30:08 »
If your camera is under warranty and you have the appropriate paperwork, the repair will be free. Had you sent in the paperwork with the camera, you would most likely already have it back by now fully repaired.

Contact Canon again and explain the situation and they will advise you as to what you need to send them, e.g.,  copies of the original receipt, Warranty card, etc, that they'll need to do the repair under warranty.

I've had a couple of cameras repaired this way with no problems whatsoever. Just took a few minutes to do the paperwork and make copies.





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Re: Canon Factory Service for my defective SD870 LCD screen - Ugh!
« Reply #2 on: 19 / September / 2008, 17:23:46 »
I went away to go to a funeral and finally dealt with this today.

When I called them, the issue was that there was "physical damage" to the camera because the focus ring had a little dent in it. (This is obviously cosmetic and has nothing to do with why I sent the camera in)

I was on the phone with them for 13 minutes. The point is - the reason I returned the camera to them was because the LCD screen was defective. Nothing I did or could have done to it changed the fact that they had a faulty part in my camera, so I basically repeated that theme a few times. At first they offered to knock 20% off of the repair (Oh, how nice - so now I'm only paying 80% of your cost for sourcing a bad part) - and after a long while they finally agreed to make it free.

It was a much harder process than it should have been - bug I guess it weeds out people who break their own [admin: avoid swearing please] and then try to get it covered under warranty. Had I actually broken it, I would have just paid up.... but in this case - it is pretty obvious that the screen was defective.


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