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S5 quick-set infinity focus questions

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S5 quick-set infinity focus questions
« on: 11 / September / 2008, 22:52:10 »
It seems the infinity focus shortcut basically sets the Subject Distance Override to the MAX_DIST, or 65535mm. Does anyone know if this is exactly the same as using the normal (non-CHDK) way of setting infinity focus? I mean, does using either method put the lens/focus in pretty much the same position?

Also, what is the resolution of lens movement available with the distance override? For instance if the camera was set at infinity (65535)  and I backed off 1mm, that wouldn't really move the lens would it?

I ask this because at least some S5's (including mine) focus past infinity in MF when done the normal way, which makes moon shots etc come out blurry. And although some people say you just have to back off a little bit I can't seem to get a "small enough bit" with my camera. In fact watching the "SD" value on-screen while trying to lower focus distance one click often gives different values.

I was wondering if it's possible to use the Dist. Override to find a better focus at infinity setting, like a little less than 65535?


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