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CHDK for SD 770 IS

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CHDK for SD 770 IS
« on: 18 / October / 2008, 15:19:58 »
I own an Canon SD 770 IS.  I understand that the SD770IS does not yet have a CHDK written for it.  The only feature I am interested in at the present time is a remote shutter release.  I would like it to be wireless, but anything would be better than nothing.  If there was a commercial product for it, I would be willing to purchase one.

Since I don't have a clue what a CHDK written for a specific camera means, I would like to ask: what would happen if you used the CHDK written for another camera in a camera that it was not written for?  Is it possible that any feature would work, or would it just not function at all.


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Re: CHDK for SD 770 IS
« Reply #1 on: 18 / October / 2008, 17:34:50 »
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but chances that it will work are very close to zero.



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