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Help with "HDR with stacking" script

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Help with "HDR with stacking" script
« on: 18 / September / 2008, 11:13:04 »

I've found this HDR with stacking script ( but I just can't understand how it works... no matter what, I always get the same photos (what is nice for the stacking) but NO exposure stepping...

could someone give me a hand here? I'm using a Canon S3 and AllBest built, and I've tried it with the M, Av, Tv and P programs.




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Re: Help with "HDR with stacking" script
« Reply #1 on: 18 / September / 2008, 13:50:41 »
Looks like it uses simulated keypresses for bracketing. My guess is you didn't read the instructions carefully enough:

This script will take as many repeating shots as you want, bracketing the currently selected LEFT/RIGHT action by as many steps as you select. In Manual Mode, that'll be for Shutter Speed - but you could use it in any mode, as long as you had 'Exposure adjustment' in focus on the screen.

So, before starting the script, make sure your camera is set in a way that pressing left and right keys adjust either Tv or Ev.


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