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CHDK, which one to use

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CHDK, which one to use
« on: 18 / September / 2008, 16:34:45 »
Hi all:

I am a real newbie.  I have a CAnon S3IS.  I want to capture Raw images and was  loooking to buy a new camera when i reasd about CHDK.  My question is that appears to be several different CHDK's GRANDS, etc).  ISis there a build that is more reliable?  I know that I need to look up my firmeware on my camera, How does one do that?

Also a question on a different subject.  I have been told that the camera keeps a lot of info on setings with each photo taken.  Is there a way to dowlaod that info into a database of some typpe for every photo.  I want to take a lot of different photos of coins and am looking to experiment with camera settings and lighting sources to determine the optimum configuration for a particular coin type.  The more info that I can record and track, the better.

I apprecaite any assistance that can be provided.




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Re: CHDK, which one to use
« Reply #1 on: 18 / September / 2008, 21:09:33 »
Actually, there are only 2 essentially different versions which get actively developed - CHDK and SDM. (I refer to juciphox/allbest/trunk as CHDK).

While SDM is better suited for stereo photography, i'd strongly recommend you to use the normal CHDK - which you can get here: CHDK Download - build 0.5.1, revision #516

The CHDK versions you are referring to are slightly outdated.. most, or more like all of the features that made them special, are now included in the standard build. So, just download CHDK from the link above and be happy. :)

To your second request: You are referring to the EXIF data. See here: Exchangeable image file format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for some information about EXIF data. Nowadays almost every program for image organization supports reading out those values and/or store them, sort images by those values, etc..

But keep in mind: If you use the shutter/aperture/iso override of CHDK, the values in the EXIF data will most probably all be wrong.

Oh and btw.. you might want to read this FAQ - CHDK Wiki and this CHDK for Dummies - CHDK Wiki



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