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Your Dream Version of CHDK

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Your Dream Version of CHDK
« on: 02 / June / 2008, 21:14:14 »
Ok, I checked around the forum, and I am pretty sure there is no thread like this soo...

What would YOUR dream CHDK be like. Let your imagination go wild :D!

Have a "limited" (might happen in 1-5 years) and a "limitless" (will probably happen in 100 years) plan :) Here is mine:

Limited with the current features a camera has (ignoring that the processors are not powerful enough). Most cams have a a lot of this might be possible if somebody really gud @ c (CHDK is written in C right?) ever codes it...
* Alarm Clock w/voice snooze
* Connect wifi card thru usb port/hacked eye-fi card and then the fun starts :) - upload fotos instantaneously (when @ hotspot automatically, stream vids, gps, auto geotagging (perhaps) etc)
* Dictate letters, words, or even commands - voice recognition
* planner (voice activated)
* voice tagging -> text of pics

Limitless (ok I am just having fun here :P):
* Camera is tethered to me 24/7 (even in the shower) :)
* Camera wakes me up in the morning telling me time and new posts on CHDK forum :P
* I say "Shadup" and it stops waking me. If I go back to sleep, it wakes me up again.
* Camera shows me pics of food, and I say which one I want.
* I enter the bathroom, cam detects "bathroom" and turns on lights thru wifi connection ^-^
* I step into shower, auto-detect "shower looking thing" and turns it on
* Food is ready outside
* Shows me bus schedule/traffic reports
* get on bus, it starts playing mp3s, and I browse internet
* if i drive, it acts as gps
* @ school takes pics of all notes (if laptops are disallowed) or uploads from laptop (if allowed). l8r reads back to me when bored or trying to fall asleep :D
* @ work warns if boss is coming by analyzing footsteps ^-^
* manages time (tells me: ok stop procrastinating!!!!)

and the list goes on and on...maybe if CHDK still exists in a 100 years (and everything else tech-related except cams stays in one place) it would be kinda cool :) but then again just a dream :P
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Re: Your Dream Version of CHDK
« Reply #1 on: 23 / September / 2008, 10:15:58 »
 :D ok, ok, Program for me girls attract to me and camera. No? that was a dream. But I would like usb tether and shot from Apple Aperture or like with A720IS, but me novice can not program. Many thanks to all them that do program CHDK.


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