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G9 porting progress

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G9 porting progress
« on: 22 / September / 2008, 14:18:16 »
Hi there.

I'm porting CHDK to the G9. My model has firmware 1.00H but I will reproduce my progress for the other firmware-versions as well.

  • Get the cam started.
    • start cam under chdk-control without any extensions
    • create led-blinker-test-task
    Progress: not done
  • GUI output.
    • General output
    • Histogramm
    • Zebra mode
    Progress: not done
  • hijack Keyboard handler (this includes USB-support)
    Progress: not done
  • hijack shoot-task.
    • control darkframe subtraction.
    • implement raw-save: This might be unnecessary, since the G9 saves raw itself, but it should be simple thus I'll include it anyway.
    Progress: not done
  • hijack movie-task.
    Progress: not done
  • Include multipartition/boot from SDHC support.
    Progress: not done
  • BASIC scripting.
    Progress: not done
  • Lua scripting.
    Progress: not done
  • Overrides.
    • AV
    • TV
    • ISO
    • Subject Distance
    • Bracketing in cont' mode
    Progress: not done
  • Image enhancement.
    • Bad Pixel removal
    • custom curves
    Progress: not done

If I forgot anything, please comment.
This post will be updated as progress continues.

Next: prepare dev-environment for new device and multiple firmwares.



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Firmware Versions
« Reply #1 on: 22 / September / 2008, 15:37:17 »
It seems there are four different firmware versions for the G9 around.

  • 1.00D
  • 1.00F
  • 1.00G
  • 1.00H

I already had D and F; I dumped H from my own device and downloaded G just yet.
Since nobody has dumped a 1.00H before, I added it to the G9-wiki-page.

If someone has a G9 with a firmware that I'm not aware of, please report and I'll include it.


Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #2 on: 22 / September / 2008, 15:40:22 »
thank you all for working on this project,

how long do you think it will realistically  be before G9 users can use CHDK?

Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #3 on: 22 / September / 2008, 16:14:20 »
Im new here but eager to see this work. If there is any mundane or test work you would like done. I have a G Firmware camera.

I can program but not in C im a VB man and only very simple stuff. but willing to help anyway i can.


Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #4 on: 23 / September / 2008, 09:28:10 »
<removed>  ::)
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Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #5 on: 23 / September / 2008, 12:22:22 »
I have test chdk for G9 (testing only 100G)... see in attach file...
work kbd.. not testing JogDial...
Work all menu in ALT mode in Play and Shot mode...
but not work shoot mode :(  or  I dont know how chdk working  in shoot mode  :) ... 
Now I am working with error in shot mode...
New result will be tomorrow...
I am sorry from my bad English :)

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Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #6 on: 23 / September / 2008, 17:52:21 »
Can someone please explain to me how to use that :$

Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #7 on: 23 / September / 2008, 18:05:56 »
hello all,

great work uvvv! finally chdk loads on the g9! I'm testing your build, reversi runs fine! sokoban not!
only few bugs to address, but the road is finally tracked!
I'm avaible to help!


Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #8 on: 23 / September / 2008, 18:30:28 »
We probably won't need a G9 port anymore. I think I'll return my device and get a G10


In the worst case, the G9 will be available as a second cam for a while, so I guess going directly to the G10 is worth the shot.  :)

I know this is not the right place to start this discussion, but please don't name the g10 unless you are sure it doesn't have the same dust eating feature as the g7 and the g9.
The way in which the canon is facing this situation is truly annoying.

Please don't reply to this post in this thread, but open a new one in general chat if you like.

I posted here just to "don't forget", maybe it's time to start a class action to try to convince the canon to take the responsibility of the design errors made on a thus expensive cam.
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Re: G9 porting progress
« Reply #9 on: 24 / September / 2008, 03:14:51 »
Please bongo_bingo (or anyone else), how do I make CHDK boot on my camera! :(


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