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Committing contributions

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Committing contributions
« on: 25 / September / 2008, 12:25:48 »

I've been searching the forums and CHDK wiki ( for information on committing contributions.  So far I've contributed nothing but I've added quite a few comments to my locally checked out copy of the loader code for the ixus800_sd700 folder.

I realize that it's a minimal contribution but it took me quite a while to figure out much of the low level code (and there's still some assembly that's a little vague to me).  And hopefully it could speed up the process for others.

At any rate the real reason for this post is to find out if there is any documented procedure for committing contributions.  Things I'm concerned about are:

I was planning on committing to the trunk because it won't affect the functionality at all.  Is that the right branch for something like this?  Also, what is the best branch to commit to.  I see quite a few different branches.  It wouldn't be considered stepping on some developers toes by committing to their branch would it?

Can someone point me to an outline this process or just post a few pointers to this thread?




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Re: Committing contributions
« Reply #1 on: 25 / September / 2008, 12:52:41 »
there is no workflow regarding committs yet. right now there are only a handful of people who actually can committ code to the svn. the rights management in the assembla space doesnt allow setting specific rights on specific branches for example. so getting all the rights would mean someone can seriously f*ck up the svn and the whole sourcetree and for example can compromise/damage the autobuild servers (and subsequently the cameras of the endusers!). so i hope you understand we cant just shell out svn write accounts by the dozen.
up to now people just post their diffs in the forum, which imho sucks as things tend to get lost, also you cant assign stuff, mark things as fixed etc.
so now that the bugtracker is in place we can channel things much more effectively - i hope.
so, be the first one to upload a patch to the bugtracker and we can see how it works :)

about line endings: svn exports eol-style, so that shouldnt be a problem. (there is a thread about it)
tabs vs. spaces - havent really come to a conclusion how to handle this. i guess tabs is better, however it still is in discussion (same thread as the eol stuff).
well, committing to branch/trunk: the trunk is the main "branch" to work on now, especially since we merged with the juciphox branch a few days ago. the rest of the branches are either HIGHLY experimental or abandonded.


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