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Why can't I access my RAW files normally?

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Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« on: 27 / December / 2007, 16:32:11 »
Hey all, just got my A570 a few days ago and i've been having a blast using it.  There's just one annoying thing I hope can be resolved.  It seems that my RAW files aren't accessible when I plug in my camera through USB.  The JPGs can be accessed like normal, but the RAW files aren't there even if I've checked the option to have the RAW files stored in the same place as the JPGs.

However, they do show up if I put my SD card in a card reader, but it's annoying having to do that every single time I want to bring my RAW files over to my PC, and I don't want to wear out the battery/SD card cover.

Is there any way to make this more convenient?

Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #1 on: 27 / December / 2007, 22:20:37 »
I deleted the configuration file and even downgraded to an earlier version (was using 12, went down to 11) and it still doesn't work.  The only way I can see and transfer my RAW files is with my card reader, it seems :(

Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #2 on: 27 / December / 2007, 23:21:46 »
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Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #3 on: 28 / December / 2007, 17:16:23 »
You can however try a few things that might help. In your RAW options in CHDK, use the filename extension of CRW or CR2. These are normal Canon RAW filename extensions. This allows more software to be able to see them. There is no guarantee however that anything but Canon's Zoombrowser will be able to access them through a USB cable hooked up to the camera.

Just tried Zoombrowser but it can't see any of the RAW files, either.

Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #4 on: 08 / February / 2008, 22:01:49 »
Zoombrowzer is lame.  It will see your files using the card reader. It is however conveniently bundled and arguably faster at converting RAW then the RAWTHERAPEE that I am using .
   Since the CRW and CR2 extensions have been includea and the IMG prefix is also given then why can't RAW also be exported in Canon native format so we can do a quick conversion with the Zoombrowzer?

I fly R/C and do aerial photography with the A640 and a G9.  Many others on  AP forums I frequent  complain that the conversion process takes too long and too many steps.  With all the hard work you've done for the A640 many don't want to use that feature .

Could someone make a native RAW file that Canon programs can read....????

Al Ramsdell.   Maine Aerial Photography.


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Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #5 on: 09 / February / 2008, 00:56:48 »
are you serious?

Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally? (seems to be A570IS issue)
« Reply #6 on: 10 / February / 2008, 04:05:13 »
I also have the same problem. I also have a Canon A570IS with 1.01A firmware and have tried both the Fingalo and Allbest CHDK builds with default raw settings. The .crw raw files seem to be invalid. (I have Photoshop CS3 with latest RAW updates, Lightroom, and Zoombrowser) None of them read the A570IS .crw from CHDK firmware (says invalid file type)...I think these files are not valid (corrupt) and don't work on the A570IS with CHDK firmware. Also tried DNG4PS-2 converter and it said the raw file is invalid.

Perhaps it's because A570IS uses the newer Digic III chip so it doesn't work with CHDK and other cameras with working raw files are digic II based? 

This person also has a A570IS and also can't read .raw files.
RAW files - All .CRW files are 9MB???

UPDATED: Success. Just tried Photoline & Picasa and they can open the CRW files! Kinda odd how the those other ones can't read it.
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Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #7 on: 01 / March / 2008, 19:42:16 »
Has there been any progress on this issue?  I've noticed that sometimes I can see the RAW files when connecting the camera through USB, but other times I can't.  Seems random.


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Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #8 on: 02 / March / 2008, 00:50:13 »
donny, you can access RAW files only after you switch your camera off and then on.

Re: Why can't I access my RAW files normally?
« Reply #9 on: 04 / March / 2008, 15:12:58 »
After fiddling with this for a while myself and trying several different converters I've found one common problem, Donny. And this is most important! As we're all using a hack to produce these images you have to remember--our cameras--in reality don't produce these images. So when we try to use a converter generally many of them also can't see RAW images produced by our cams because they're not supposed to. Its not "on their list"--so most OEM softwares won't access them. It would seem these programs are very camera specific as all RAW files are not the same.

I've found that the UFRaw plugin with Gimp2 opens them. Try converting them to DNGs, that might help with other programs. Look in the other threads. There's one I started a few weeks back that shows my workflow and that seems to work.


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