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A590IS porting...

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Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #600 on: 29 / March / 2009, 06:47:17 »
Yes, since the A590IS doesn't have ND, an aperture of F22 could
help in taking a picture of a water fall and show some water
movement... : )  Hey what about some sea waves :) Please bring
it back if possible.

I tested mine today and when I set it at F16 with CHDK, I only get
F11 in the Exif.

I can confirm that!
The Exif shows the real aperture, the aperture doesnt close more than F11.

I just made a nice picture yesterday with the cam and my binoculars.
That other picture is made with full zoom.
I have to make a construction, to connect my cam to that binocular ;-)


Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #601 on: 29 / March / 2009, 10:02:42 »
It's normal the exif says f11 because it is the max aperture know (supported normally in auto mode) by the firmware (dryos) on the camera, but this is not the real aperture!
You can verify yourself making many different expositions or simply watching the diaphragm when it takes a photo 8) with f/16 or more (at 140mm obviosly, the focal ratio differ changing focal) ;)

There was a program broght by someone who makes chdk, to read and write the real f/number that show you really the f/numbers over f/11 (and I'm sure the hardware limit it's f/20 ;) ). I don't remember perfecly the name of the program but was something like "Auto chdk" or similar.. ??? Anyway searching in this forum you shuold find something about..  :)

Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #602 on: 30 / March / 2009, 20:53:55 »
Has there been any headway in adding swap partitions / create dual partitions for the 590?


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Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #603 on: 31 / March / 2009, 21:37:57 »
When taking a picture using RAW (CHDK DNG)  I notice a horizontal line
at the very top of the picture and a vertical line at the very left...

Something like a frame around the picture.

The bottom is fine, no line there.

Is this normal?


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Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #604 on: 01 / April / 2009, 06:15:29 »

That could be remaining space indicator... goto

Main Menu -> OSD parameters -> Filespace and set the "Show Space Bar"  to "Don't"

( that should at least remove 1 of the bars ... to find the other goto the OSD layout editor
  and cycle through the elements until you find the offending item )


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Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #605 on: 01 / April / 2009, 11:18:42 »

The bars are in the picture (in the RAW file) not on the camera's screen.

You can see them if you take a picture in RAW, download the image
to the computer,  then go to the very top of the image. Look at it
at 100%, you will notice a fine line or bar at the very top of the image and on the left.
The rest of the image looks fine. The JPG doesn't show any of that.


Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #606 on: 04 / April / 2009, 06:38:19 »
I have some little artifacts on the raw borders too. But this is pretty normal (there were even with my last camera) because CHDK raw takes more pixel on the edges wich instead in JPEG are washed out to safer avoid the border effect (vary from CCD to CCD). The simplest solution could be set a crop profile in your rawconverter or, but this would be something harder, ask the developers for a safer reduction on the raw edges in the a590 version of CHDK..

I don't remember perfecly the name of the program but was something like "Auto chdk" or similar.. ???

The software complete name is "Auto chdk to exif" and you can find here: http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php/topic,138.30.html

As usual I continue asking for a extension of the aperture ovverride to f/20 so as it was sometimes ago.. ;)


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Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #607 on: 04 / April / 2009, 11:14:13 »
Here is the request for the next A590IS Autobuild:

1.  Please add an aperture of F 22 or similar, even if diffraction is a problem.

2.  Please add a safer reduction on raw edges to eliminate artifacts on the raw borders.

BIG thanks!


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Re: A590IS porting...
« Reply #608 on: 13 / April / 2009, 09:53:50 »
Hi guys!
First, thx for the great software, it turns my a590 into higher class cam.

I've started playing with chdk sources, and have 1 small question.

Where to get d3enc keys to build ps.fi2 chdk?

I've made dump, complete dump is 10420224 bytes, string "gaonisoyP" is at 0x9f600+4
platform=a590 platformsub=101b

which offsets i should use to get KEY and IV?

this really mess me ... stuck at this point



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Refocus when hitting "Set" in video mode
« Reply #609 on: 04 / May / 2009, 01:18:33 »
My A590IS can't refocus when I hit "Set" and I'm in video mode.
Is this a bug? I know others can refocus when you hit "Set" or
"Shutter". I have mine set to "Set" (in Video Parameters -> AF

Also, A590/101b in http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/sdm/index.htm
doesn't seem to work, the camera won't even turn on. I wanted
to check this out and see if refocus in video works with their


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