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hdr images?

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hdr images?
« on: 25 / September / 2008, 21:14:12 »
i have a cannon a640 is there anything i can do to make it so i can set my camera up on a tripod and have it take the three hdr images (standard three shot bracket) after i push the shutter button once. i just got the allbest build but i am very new to it.


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Re: hdr images?
« Reply #1 on: 26 / September / 2008, 05:33:51 »
Hi seansz28, I think this has been covered elsewhere in forum, did you try search first?  But have a look at .......


excerpt: "The abbreviated version is: In the camera menu (not the CHDK menu) set your custom self timer to an interval of 0 seconds and your number of shots to the number you want to bracket."   But I think where it says camera menu it means function set.
By the way this has been working well for me and I guess many others too, so good luck.



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Re: hdr images?
« Reply #2 on: 26 / September / 2008, 05:54:29 »
Enter the <Alt> with PRINT, enter CHDK menu with MENU, set up wat you want...

-> set "TV bracketing value" to [2 Ev], "Brackting type" to [+/-], exit Alt mode, use the custom timer (set up to 1s delay, 3 shots)


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