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Video zoom

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Video zoom
« on: 28 / November / 2007, 13:54:02 »
I have a hunch that zooming in video shouldn't be different than zooming when you want to take a photo.
The normal zoom is very smooth and "flexible" you can zoom between whatever values you want just by keeping the zoom button pressed.
Zoom video is however done with the set_zoom_rel function and based on the value you assign to it, you can only zoom in precise bursts. At least that's what happens on the A710.
I don't know how the firmware code looks like but I'm thinking that the normal zoom is done in a slightly different way than the zoom video now and I'm hoping that somebody will post another function that allows a smooth normal zoom in video.
There doesn't seem to be too much talk on this subject but as I'm sometimes taking action videos I do use the zoom in video a lot.


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