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Converting DNG --> JPEG, Colors are "off"

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Converting DNG --> JPEG, Colors are "off"
« on: 07 / October / 2008, 23:31:38 »

I can't seem to get correct colors when converting .crw files from my A570 to DNG, then developing the DNG to JPEG in Photoshop CS3. No matter what settings I use for white balance, there is always a purple cast to the picture.
Colors on the JPEG from the camera look fine.

Here is a in-camera JPEG I shot: ImageShack - Hosting :: img5229on9.jpg

Here is the JPEG developed from the DNG file in Photoshop, using "as shot" for white balance: ImageShack - Hosting :: crw5229jx9.jpg

The original crw file is here: zSHARE - crw_5229.crw

I know the picture is very noisy, but I am just interested in getting the colors right at the moment.

Am I doing something wrong? What do I need to do to make the colors look good?
Does the camera profile for the A570 in DNG4PS-2 need improvement?

Re: Converting DNG --> JPEG, Colors are "off"
« Reply #1 on: 07 / October / 2008, 23:39:15 »
Oh, and I used ver. 0.22 of DNG4PS-2, which can do color profiles. It picked up the .jpg file along with the .crw file.

The picture I linked to was shot in incandescent light, but I have the same problems with daylight shots.


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