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Movie player (Canon built-in Codec)

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Movie player (Canon built-in Codec)
« on: 17 / September / 2008, 08:07:01 »
Hi there!

There are some requests out for MP3 and DivX player/decoder and that would be really nice!!! But since that demands significant efforts, why don't you (developers) do something like following:

- inside CHDK menu (next to Text Reader) put Movie Player line
- make additional Folder named Movies
- store movies with exact Canon parameters (like original Canon shot - use some Video converter)
- pick and play movies

I tried to do that on my old Canon A520 with Digic I (Digic I can not use CHDK, but *CAN* use special BASIC scripts like Tetris game etc.), but could not set the right parameters for video conversion.

Now I own an A720 and would like to do the same thing - with or without CHDK. Of course, file browsing inside CHDK would be nicer but I can also copy some converted movies to original Canon movie storage and just simply review it.

Did anyone succeed to convert regular (DivX, MPEG1) movies to Canon format?

Thanks in adavance and good luck with your shots!



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Re: Movie player (Canon built-in Codec)
« Reply #1 on: 17 / September / 2008, 11:41:35 »
if another option isn't available, you can just film the screen. it's better than nothing sometimes :)

Re: Movie player (Canon built-in Codec)
« Reply #2 on: 17 / September / 2008, 12:10:56 »
Heh, funny joke  :)

This is the video data for A720 IS - it might come handy to someone.

Please, see the image attached.



Re: Movie player (Canon built-in Codec)
« Reply #3 on: 08 / October / 2008, 13:52:39 »

Re: Movie player (Canon built-in Codec)
« Reply #4 on: 09 / October / 2008, 03:18:04 »
Sorry, didn't have much time to deal with it. Since I work in a company that also deals with multimedia content production with all kind of formats, I'll ask my colleagues for additional help. I can just say that I am more than amazed about the features and capabilities of Canon A720 (with or without CHDK).

I'll let you know, if I get any news..

Best regards / nice pics,



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