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« on: 07 / October / 2008, 11:50:29 »
I am new to the CHDK procedure.  I am trying to install the alpha for my new SD1100is.  I am able to follow the instructions up to the point of using cardtricks to install the .zip file to the card.  The problem is that the file is not a .zip, it is a .tgz.  Cardtricks apparently won't work with this.  I can manually extract the files, but I don't know what to do with them.  Just copying the files to the card, doesn't seem to work.

Never mind I found the answer
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No offense but if you found the answer why post the question?

If you really feel the need to post the question so that your previous typing was not a waste (?) then at least post the answer as well so that someone who may not know the answer can benefit from your post.


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Re: .tgz
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After you unpack the tgz you should have

- a CHDK folder with plenty subfolder -> copy folder+contents to card

- 2  .bin files, 1 for 100c, 1 for 101a -> copy your version to card after renaming to diskboot.bin

FWIW, seems I'm too late,


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Sorry, I couldn't find a way to delete the post, but I was able to edit it with the "I found the answer".  I guess I should have put the word "edit" before that sentence.