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Long shutter speed without flash

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Long shutter speed without flash
« on: 11 / October / 2008, 23:51:27 »
I'm using CHDK with my sd1100is.  I can shoot with long shutter speeds, but apparently only if the flash fires.  If I set the flash to "off", the camera seems to ignore the shutter setting.  I'm hoping that I'm just overlooking some setting.

Re: Long shutter speed without flash
« Reply #1 on: 16 / December / 2008, 16:14:05 »
i have been unable to load chdk onto my sd1100is, could you give me the appropriate link to the dump. 
I have a mac, maybe i'm doing something wrong with the sd1100 version.
but i can't get it to load. 



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Re: Long shutter speed without flash
« Reply #2 on: 16 / December / 2008, 16:47:39 »
Welcome to the forum !

A dump is only used for porting, i suppose you want a CHDK version for your cam ?

You will need to know your real version number, read here (Mac instructions near end of chapter) FAQ - CHDK Wiki

Once you have that, download your CHDK version here: CHDK Download - build 0.8.10, revision #640
(be sure to download the full version, especially the first time)

If your SD card is over 4 GB in size, you might want to experiment with CHDK first on the small card that
probably came with your cam. This is because SD1100 can only start from FAT16 formatted cards, and the
maximum size for a FAT16 filesystem is 4 GB.

Unpacking CHDK binries with a Mac can pose some problems, so be sure to read
the FAQ about Mac & CHDK: FAQ/Mac - CHDK Wiki

This user manual might also help: http://home.roadrunner.com/~graystar/CHDKGuideInProgress03.pdf

good luck and have fun,



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